Foreigners who do not reside in Argentina can apply for a FREE PASS
You will have to prove that you do not reside in Argentinan territory.

The applying for the free ticket consists on two phases:
PHASE 1: ‘APPLYING’ From November to April 1.
PHASE 2: ‘APPROVAL’ From April 2 to April 18.

For PHASE 1, APPLYING, please provide the following info on the form:

-Your name.
-Your E-mail. 
-Your Whatsapp number.

-Your nationality.
-A copy of your passport or ID documents.
-A brief introductory message.

Once your data has been checked we will contact you through e-mail.
Later, you will have to REPLY our e-mail providing more info (PHASE 2).

For PHASE 2, APPROVAL, provide at least one of the followings:

-A copy of an airplane ticket or a bus ticket.
-A hotel reservation.
-A fuel charge ticket from another country.

If you already have at least one of this, you can also provide them in the form now and validate your FREE PASS now!

Once approved, your acces will be your passport / ID which you have to provide at festival gates. 

Free Pass requests are INDIVIDUAL.
If you travel in group, each member have to apply for it’s own request.